About VRS Railway Industry

For more than 140 years, VRS Railway Systems has been developing and supplying products that contribute to safety on and around the railway. Products that are characterized by their high availability and reliability. We develop, produce, install and carry out maintenance.


Safety and reliability

The Dutch rail network is one of the most intensively used rail networks in the world. Within this network we have become the market leader in level crossings, signals and point machines. We have only been able to achieve this by being innovative and never compromising on safety and reliability.

Trusted partner in the Netherlands and far beyond

Our extensive experience in the field of rail safety makes us a trusted partner in rail infrastructure. We like to work closely with our customers and together we can design customer-specific solutions, applied to local standards and regulations. Many rail infrastructure managers, budget holders, governments and contractors already found their way to VRS, not only from the Netherlands, but from all over the world.

Everything under one roof

VRS Railway Industry is located in Houten. At our location we have everything in house. A large workshop for production and assembly. In addition, the offices for product strategy, engineering, supply chain, sales and staff functions. Because we have the entire process, from development to production, installation and maintenance under one roof, we can effectively respond to your customer-specific wishes.