Maximum visibility and high reliability thanks to The VIRLU160 LED-unit

The VIRLU160 LED-units are specially designed for dwarf signals. LED-technology applied in these signals means optimal visibility under all-weather conditions and from all visibility angles.

MF LED groen licht.jpg

Maximum visibility

The electronic driver ensures that the LED’s always illuminate optimally. On a track with curves the visible distance can be up to 200 meters. The LED-module has redundant LED-strings. This guarantees extra safety; so when one string fails, the signal will still have optimum visibility.

The VIRLU160 LED-unit has a guaranteed light output throughout 12 years.


High reliability

Another important advantage is the high reliability of the VIRLU160 LED-light technology. Furthermore, the VIRLU160 LED requires little maintenance; only the front of the VIRLU160 LED needs to be cleaned once every 2 years. This reduces the total cost of ownership considerably during the operational life.


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