Control cabinets and electrical supplies

VRS Railway Industry supplies various cabinets, racks, controls for the relay house, components for relay cabinets and other electrotechnical materials. Below is a selection from our range. For our complete range, please contact VRS Railway Industry.


VRS supplies, among other things:

- LSO cabinets (low standard level crossing cabinet): Contains all components that are used to control a level crossing.
- Relay cabinets type 44 and 45: Used for GRS relay protections. The cabinets are made of hot dip galvanized sheet steel.
- Relay racks
- Power supply 3kV: This cabinet is available in different variants.
- Switch junction boxes (WAK). Serves to connect the wiring to a switch.
- EV cabinets: Used for sending commands and receiving notifications. Available in different designs.
- Control cabinets and train conductors' cabinets
- Rail Connection Pots (RAP). Used to connect overhead cabling to ground cables, can be used in various railway environments. 3 types available.