Point machines NSE

With the NSE point machines from VRS Railway Industry you have a particularly reliable product in your hands. They have therefore been used on a large scale both in the Netherlands and abroad for decades.


1,000,000 strokes

The point machine NSE is designed for the toughest conceivable operating conditions. VRS Railway Industry is therefore a leader in this specialist market where safety, durability and very low maintenance frequency are of crucial importance. Robust construction parts are used, which means that the positioners have a very long service life.

This is reflected in a wear-resistant brake band that limits the maximum transfer force and still functions excellently after 1,000,000 strokes. During this long service life, there is only a limited number of components that need to be replaced preventively, which makes the NSE very maintenance-friendly.

NSE in different versions

The NSE point machine is available in various designs and strokes. We do not only have point machines for regular rail, but also versions that are suitable for freight rail, light rail, tram and metro.