Signals play a crucial role in railway safety. That is why the LED signals from VRS Railway Industry are reliable, clearly visible and virtually maintenance-free. It is not without reason that they are the most used signals along the Dutch railway tracks.

AY signals

AY signal

By using VIRLU210 LED, the signal is very reliable and energy efficient. The LED aspect also guarantees good visibility under all weather conditions most common in the Netherlands. The AY signals are available in a version on an pole and in a portal. VRS can adapt the product to supply voltages / currents desired by the customer. The design, light colors and light output can also be adapted to your specific customer requirements.

MF LED groen licht.jpg
MF signal

MF signal

MF signals use VIRLU160 LED. This makes the signal very reliable and virtually maintenance-free, despite its high usability. The MF signals can be supplied with a standard foot, raised foot or with platform wall mounting. For this signal, too, the desired supply voltages / currents, design, light colors and light outputs can be adapted to specific customer requirements.

MSG2w mounted on a gantry next to an AY signal

Matrix Signal Generator MSG2w

The MSG2w is a light box on which LEDs form symbols to convey information to the train operator. The matrix boards have a very high reliability. Even in the event of individual LED failure, the characters remain legible due to the way of construction.
An MSG2w can display up to 4 different characters in one housing. By using LED lights, the symbols are clearly visible, the MSG2w has a low energy consumption and a very long operating time. The MSG2w can be placed in combination with an AY signal or on its own, and can be mounted on a pole or on a portal.

LED XC ar.jpg
XC signal

Signals on and around railway level crossings

XC signals: LED signal that is placed on level crossing installations. Flashes when a train approaches.

RGP (Red siGnal rePeater): pole with 1 flashing red XC signal or 2 alternating red XC signals. Will be placed on the other side of the road than the level crossing installation if visibility requires it.

WILO (warning installation rural level crossing): A 2-aspect signal. The white light flashes when the level crossing is free, the red one lights up when a train is approaching.

PAG (Pre Approach siGnal pole). Placed as a pre-warning at level crossings. Consists of a blinking yellow aspect on a large triangular background screen. There are usually warning signs on the pole.

Departure signal

Other signals

Departure signal: a white lamp that is placed on the platform to indicate to the train conductor that the train is allowed to depart. Can be mountied on a platform-specific construction, or on a pole on a single or double bracket.

WIBR (Warning system on bridges): Consists of 2 lights above each other. The lights will flash when a train is in the protected area.

WIDO (Warning system for service roads crossing a railway): Consists of a pole with 2 downward facing lamp housings. If both lamps burn continuously, this means that the level crossing is safe to cross. When the lamps light up alternately, a train is approaching.

WUBO (Warning System for view-obstructing objects ): Consists of 2 white lights that flash when a train comes from the opposite direction. VRS supplies versions for single and double track.

WIT (Warning installation in tunnels)