Point machines for Indonesia

VRS has good relations in Indonesia and has been supplying the national railways for decades. Within this relationship, VRS has recently delivered a large number of point machines.

Rapid expansion of the rail network

Rapid development and expansion of the passenger and freight rail network is a national priority. A large number of point machines from this order will be deployed on the new line from Parepare to Makassar, in southeastern Sulawesi.

Solid and reliable

Our point machine NSE-2 has a reputation for solidity and reliability in Indonesia. The railway contractors are completely familiar with it. We have recently shipped 200 NSE-2 point machines through our partners that will be used for various projects.


The VRS point machins can also be found on the tracks of the Metro and Light Rail in Jakarta, the center of a Megapolis with 31 million people. Of the 48 million daily traffic movements, only 2.5% now goes by rail. Major investments in the growth of the rail network will continue to offer opportunities for VRS in the future.