Project Extra Express Train Groningen Leeuwarden

To increase mobility in the Northern Netherlands, the route between Groningen and Leeuwarden is being made suitable for capacity expansion. An additional express train runs in both directions every hour

Increase capacity

There are currently two slow trains and one express train running every hour between Groningen and Leeuwarden. This rail connection is widely used, especially during rush hour. Now this often results in full trains and too few seats. Therefore an additional express train is needed. The route will be adapted for an extension to two express trains and two slow trains per direction / per hour. This increases the capacity of the route and makes a positive contribution to passenger comfort.

Signaling, level crossings and control

At a number of stations, the platforms will be extended. An extra piece of track will be laid between Hoogkerk and Zuidhorn and a turning track will be placed at Zuidhorn. Furthermore, the speed increases on part of the route, for which the safety system must be updated. VRS contributes to the safety of this railway line by providing signals and level crossings with associated controls.