Rail extension Zwolle-Herfte

In a partnership between ProRail and VolkerWessels, the track between Zwolle IJssel and Herfte will be doubled. VRS is proud to be able to contribute to this beautiful project.

Making better use of Zwolle as a transfer station

The track between Zwolle and the junction at Herfte is now a bottleneck. To accommodate the growing train traffic around Zwolle, space is needed so that more trains can arrive or depart from Zwolle simultaneously. That is why extra tracks are being laid here. As a result, Zwolle can be more efficiently used as an important transfer station for train traffic in the directions Groningen / Leeuwarden and Meppel.

Extra track and a track crossing

From the station to the junction at Herfte, the number of tracks will be doubled from two to four. In addition, a new free rail crossing is being built at Herfte. This is a so-called 'dive-under', so that trains cross each other above and below. As a result, the trains to Meppel and Emmen each have their 'own' track and they no longer have to wait for each other. New viaducts are also being built along the route to reduce noise nuisance.

Contributions from VRS

In close cooperation with the NoorderSpoort alliance, VRS is supplying this project with new level crossing installations, signals, relay cabinets and controls for the relay house.